Guava, Male, 2 Years Old


Guava is a calm, cool and collected pup who would love to call Seattle his new home.

Guava is well socialized and enjoys the company of all creatures including humans (of all ages), other doggos, cats, chickens and more!

Guava is up to date with all vet recommended vaccinations.

Guava is continuously working on training and mastering impressive tricks.

I love receiving pets, even from strangers. I love to eat chicken flavored treats and to lay in the sun on warm summer days.

Health & Hygiene

Guava was neutered at 6 months per vet recommendation.

Guava has health insurance, for any potential injuries or accidents.

He is a hypoallergenic breed, and does not shed. He is bathed and brushed regularly. Guava has his teeth brushed nightly, and nail trimmings and haircuts often.

Guava takes both heartguard and nexguard as recommended by his vet to prevent fleas and ticks as well as heartworms.

Guava is completely potty trained, and will even indicate when he needs to go outside.

He likes to go on regular walks and is easily pooped after visiting a dog park or an open field for fetch. He sleeps often, and is well behaved when left alone even for extended periods of time.


Happy Go Lucky Dog Training

Successfully completed and passed a 15 week course of Puppy Kindergarten in person, with both parents as capable trainers.


Northwestern Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital

Current landlord – Marvel 29

His roommate Kimberly and father Jon Eric. They both work from home and spend all workday waking hours alongside Guava, through meeting and presentations.